Sean Colville, Principle

As the President of Colville Consulting Inc., Sean founded Colville Consulting Inc. in 2003 following nearly 15 years of employment with a leading environmental consulting firm in Ontario.

In addition to his education based in earth science (a B.Sc. in Geology supplemented by additional courses in Pedology), Sean grew up on a mixed farm in rural Nova Scotia and received valuable work experience mapping soils in the Province early in his career. Sean’s combined educational, employment and life experience has provided him with a unique background which has enabled Sean to carve out a niche for his consulting firm.

Sean brings 30 years of professional consulting experience in Ontario and the Maritime Provinces to projects involving agriculture, the natural environment, resource evaluation and impact assessment, land use planning and reclamation/restoration works. This includes over 300 active and completed projects since the company was founded.

Sean is a Professional Agrologist, registered to practice agrology under the Ontario Institute of Professional Agrologists Act administered by the Ontario Institute of Agrology (OIA). With 30 years of experience as a soil scientist, Sean has the professional, practical and educational qualifications to map soil, assess the agricultural capability of land using the Canada Land Inventory classification system and identify prime agricultural lands and areas. Sean is also qualified to complete and peer review Land Evaluation Studies for the Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-in Tariff ground-mounted PV solar electric generating facilities.

Sean is considered a technical expert in the interpretation and application of the Minimum Distance Separation formula by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Rural Affairs.

Sean has been qualified to present expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board, the Consolidated Joint Board and the Assessment Review Board for projects involving land use planning matters as they relate to agriculture, impact assessment, resource evaluation and soil science.  Sean has also been qualified before the OMB as an expert in Environmental Impact Assessment process.

Throughout his career, Sean has;

  • Developed an extensive knowledge of Land Use and Agricultural and Environmental Policies;
  • Prepared over 150 Agricultural Impact Assessments in Ontario;
  • Calculated the Minimum Distance Separation setback requirements for hundreds of livestock operations;
  • Completed soil surveys for projects located in over 30 upper tier and single tier municipalities throughout Ontario;
  • Prepared over 60 Land Evaluation Studies for FIT ground-mounted PV solar electric generating facility applications;
  • Prepared over 50 Environmental Impact Statements, Level 1 & 2 Environmental Technical Reports, Natural Heritage Evaluations and Environmental Constraint Analyses;
  • Prepared tree savings plans, naturalization plans and vegetation screening plans for a variety of development applications;
  • Provided input to several Class Environmental Assessment documents prepared for private and public infrastructure development proposals;
  • Conducted site supervision and inspections to ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements;
  • Developed several agricultural rehabilitation plans for aggregate and energy sector clients; and
  • Prepared and implemented soil and crop monitoring plans.


Ian Barrett, Senior Project Manager/Biologist

Ian Barrett, M.Sc., is a Biologist and joined Colville Consulting Inc. in 2012 as a Senior Project Manager. Ian has over 17 years of experience in both the private and public sectors. His experience includes implementing, reviewing and managing a wide range of development and infrastructure related projects as well as natural heritage monitoring and habitat creation projects. He  has over 10 years of experience conducting and reviewing a wide variety of Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments and Natural Heritage Assessments prepared in support of residential commercial, and recreational developments, municipal infrastructure, pits and quarries, hydroelectricity projects and green energy projects.

Ian has an extensive working knowledge of environmental legislation and policies, including the Conservation Authorities Act, Planning Act, Public Lands Act, Drainage Act, Niagara Escarpment Act, Water Resources Act, Fisheries Act, Navigable Waters Protection Act and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.  Throughout his career, Ian has;

  • Reviewed or prepared over 150 EIS and EA documents;
  • Developed an extensive knowledge of Land Use and Environmental Policies;
  • Developed and implemented fish habitat restoration and compensation plans for Fisheries Act approvals;
  • Conducted site supervision and inspections to ensure compliance with legislative requirements;
  • Developed sediment and erosion control plans using a variety of methods;
  • Developed tree savings plans in support of development applications; and
  • Been certified as an expert witness in aquatic biology, wetland ecology and terrestrial biology during numerous trials in POA court, Hearings before the Niagara Escarpment Commission and at the Ontario Mining and Lands Commissioner.

Ian has completed the Ecological Land Classification for Southern Ontario and Ontario Wetland Evaluation System courses, and has conducted ELC inventories and wetland evaluations throughout Southern Ontario.  Ian also has completed the Class 1 Electrofishing Certificate course, has instructed a college level course in the use of various fish collection nets and has conducted various aquatic inventories throughout Ontario.  In addition to extensive natural heritage monitoring, Ian has;

Designed and constructed naturalized channels, erosion control and channel modification structures, fish passage structures and various aquatic habitat features;

Performed statistical analyses to assess spatial usage, temporal population and community changes in response to habitat alteration works;

  • Conducted radio telemetry and tagging studies of fish, turtles, mammals and birds;
  • Conducted benthic invertebrate collections and assessments;
  • Conducted water and sediment quality analyses;
  • Designed and implemented wetland creation and restoration plans; and
  • Designed and implemented planting plans for habitat creation and restoration sites.


Leah Koetsier – Environmental Planning Technician

After a year of travel and an extended stay in Scotland, Leah Koetsier has rejoined Colville Consulting as an Ecologist /Environmental Planner. In addition to her two years of consulting experience, Leah has over 5 years of formal education in Biology and Environmental Management and is registered as an Environmental Practitioner in Training under ECO Canada.

Through her education and her work experience at Colville Consulting, Leah has gained a broad understanding of agricultural and environmental planning and management. In her role as an Environmental Planner at Colville Consulting Inc. her work experience includes the interpretation of regional and local land use policies, environmental protection policies, and species at risk regulations. She has managed and participated in the completion of Agricultural Impact Assessments, Environmental Impact Studies, and the Ministry of Natural Resources Species at Risk permitting process. She is familiar with the OPA’s FIT and MicroFIT program; the application process for ground-mounted PV solar generating facilities and rooftop mounted facilities. She has been involved in several Land Evaluation Studies using the OPA’s Soil Study Protocol.

Her field work activities have included, soil surveys, land use surveys and evaluation of livestock facilities to determine minimum distance separation requirements for new development and new livestock operations. She has assisted with botanical and wildlife surveys (birds & snakes).

Leah grew up and still lives near her family farm in Niagara. She provides Colville Consulting with an important insight and perspective into the agricultural community. She has a good understanding of modern agricultural practices and the challenges that farmers face on a daily basis. Leah is well organized, thorough and exhibits good mapping and report writing skills.



Nadine Colville, the not so silent partner in Colville Consulting, provides administrative and accounting services for the company. Nadine is responsible for accounts receivable and accounts payable as well as managing the contributions made by Colville Consulting to national and local community charities. It is thanks to our clients’ confidence in retaining Colville Consulting that we are able to contribute to events such as the Rankin Cancer Run, Rankin Curl for Cancer Care and sponsor local recreational sports teams.