Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy Projects

Land Evaluation Studies

Since the Green Energy Act came into effect in 2009, Colville Consulting has prepared numerous (>60) land evaluation/soil studies specifically for ground-mounted, solar PV electric generating facilities under the various Ontario Power Authority’s Feed-in Tariff program for large FIT and Small Fit projects. These include:

¨      Thirty one prepared for Recurrent Energy (2009-2012);

¨      One prepared for Municipality of Chatham-Kent (2009);

¨      Two prepared for Northland Power (2009, 2011);

¨      Two prepared for Mattawa Renewable Power Corporation (2011);

¨      One prepared for EXP Consulting Limited (2011);

¨      Four prepared for Real-Flex (2011);

¨      Three prepared for OSP Solar Development Inc. (2011);

¨      Four prepared for JCM Solar (2011);

¨      One prepared for Stantec (2012);

¨      Four prepared for Innergex (2012);

¨      One for Blackline Power (2013);

¨      One for Ram Solar (2013);

¨      Twelve prepared for Spark Solar (2011, 2012 & 2013).

Colville Consulting also has peer reviewed 22 FIT applications as part of due diligence exercises for Recurrent Energy to determine whether the land evaluation/soil studies were completed and consistent with accepted survey methodologies, industry standards and best practices.

As a Pedologist (soil scientist), Sean is highly experienced in completing soil surveys, soil resource evaluations and assessing the productivity of soil for common field crops using the Canada Land Inventory system (CLI) of soil classification and for soil suitability for production of specialty crops using the system developed by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF) and Ministry of Rural Affairs (MRA). He has extensive experience interpreting the soil landscape, glacial landforms and soil forming processes; is skilled in the use of aerial photography for stereoscopic interpretation and identification of soil landforms for soil map production.

Sean is recognized by the OMAF & MRA as a Consulting Pedologist and a qualified soil scientist capable of preparing soil capability assessments. Sean is also well qualified to complete land evaluation studies and peer reviews of these studies as per the FIT rules established by the Ontario Power Authority.


Post Construction Monitoring for Wind Energy Projects

Colville Consulting provides post-construction of monitoring services to assess the direct impacts to birds and bats and indirect impacts to breeding, migrating and wintering wildlife. The post-construction monitoring programs follow the environmental effects monitoring plans approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources for each renewable energy project. The post-construction monitoring programs are required to verify the environmental effects monitoring plans’ predicted effects and when necessary, prepare and implement appropriate mitigation measures to minimize adverse effects.

Colville Consulting staff and associates have both coordinated and/or conducted post-construction monitoring field studies and disturbance effects monitoring for projects that include:

¨      The Vineland Power Inc. HAF Wind Energy Project (West Lincoln, R.M. Niagara)

¨      The Wainfleet Wind Energy Project (Wainfleet, R.M. Niagara)

¨      The Kruger Energy Port Alma Wind Power (Port Alma, R.M. Chatham-Kent) – monitoring for Stantec

¨      The Gosfield Wind Project (Town of Kingsville, Essex County) – monitoring for Stantec