Agricultural Services

Agricultural Resource Evaluation

¨      Soil survey and assessment of agricultural land capability for crop production using the Canada Land Inventory (CLI) classification system for agricultural soil.

¨      Land Evaluation Studies and Third Party Reviews for ground-mounted PV solar electric generating facilities as per Ontario Power Authority`s (OPA) Soil Study Protocol for Feed-in Tariff (FIT) applications.

¨      Land use surveys to document agricultural cropping patterns, investment in agricultural infrastructure and land improvements, and the mix of agricultural and non-agricultural land uses.

¨      Identification of prime agricultural areas through the development and application of a Land Evaluation Area Review (LEAR).

Agricultural Impact Assessment

¨      Identification of direct and indirect impacts on agricultural resources and operations as a result of proposed development and settlement boundary expansion.

¨      Identification of high and low agricultural priority areas through comparative analysis  of available resources and evaluation of alternative sites,

¨      Application of Minimum Distance Separation requirements for new non-farm developments proposed in agricultural areas (MDS I) and for new or expanding livestock operations (MDS II)

Reclamation and Restoration

¨      Development of rehabilitation and soil restoration plans for pit and quarry operations to restore soil capability for agriculture

¨      Develop and implement reclamation plans to restore soil capability for agriculture along linear facilities such as pipeline construction


¨      Construction monitoring to ensure good soil handling practices are implemented to minimize negative impacts, minimize the need for and extent of mitigation measures following construction and reduce the period of time required to return the lands to full agricultural production.

¨      Soil and Crop Monitoring Post Construction