Sean Colville, the founder and President of Colville Consulting Inc. established the firm in 2003 with an office in St. Catharines, Ontario.

From its inception, the firm has provided professional consulting services for projects requiring expertize involving agriculture, the natural environment and land use planning. This includes:

¨      Agricultural Impact Assessments

¨      Environmental Impact Statements

¨      Minimum Distance Separation calculations

¨      Environmental Constraint Analysis

¨      Land Evaluation Studies

¨      Botanical and Wildlife Inventories

¨      Land reclamation and habitat restoration

¨      Monitoring; construction and post-construction, soil & crop, mortality and disturbance effects

Colville Consulting has extensive experience in both the Agricultural and Environmental fields. The firm’s staff includes Professional Agrologists, Pedologists (soil scientists), Biologists, Ecologists, and Environmental Planners.

In addition, the firm has developed a network of experts in the fields of botany, wildlife, fisheries, groundwater and ecology to assist with natural heritage inventories, impact assessment and the development of mitigation measures designed to minimize impacts of development.

Colville Consulting has a long time association with Cartographics Mapping and Design which provides us with GIS analysis and CAD capabilities.

Our valued clients range from large multinational organizations to individual landowners. We serve clients throughout Ontario. Similarly, we work closely with other consultants and ensure that deliverables are provided complete and on schedule to meet your needs and regulatory requirements.